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The Coto Valdorba hunting preserve, belongs to the town hall from Leoz, which is located next to Tafalla (Navarre). It extends over the fields of Sansoain, Maquirriain, Amatriain, Bezquiz and Olleta, taking up an area of 4,200 hectares.

The variety of surroundings and the outstanding landscape provide a unique area to enjoy nature, especially suitable for hunting.

Our facilities at Coto Valdorba are open all year long. In our main building, based in Sansoain, heart of the Preserve, you will find additional services, such as bar, meeting room and a steakhouse-restaurant (located at a splendid restored building in country style). Further services available next to the facilities: Two Olympic trenches, Universal trench, Compak Sporting and Skeet Shooting, Shooting routes, Bow hunting routes, hiking tours and Boarding Kennels.

Coto Valdorba, uno de los mejores cotos de caza de España

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In one of the hidden havens of Navarre,
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In Coto Valdorba, we have worked hard, accumulating valuable experience in the exciting world of hunting…

Shooting facilities

Two Olympic trap pits, universal trap, Compac Sporting and Skeet, …

Valdorba Boarding Kennels

… we have it very clear, our best friends, dogs, deserve a decent and comfortable accommodation, in addition to cheerful and healthy…

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…located in the center of the best touristic itineraries of Navarre…

Restaurant Valdorba

Our Restaurant with category of three forks and certified with the ”Q” for Tourism Quality,…

The Hotel

With a modern minimalist style and respectful with the environment, it is built in part on a catalogued building from the second half of the 18th century,…

Our environment

Valdorba, is located between the dry region of the South and the Pyrenees in the North of Navarre, constituting a wonderful mosaic of varied landscape…

Our environment

La Valdorba

Valdorba, is located between the dry region of the South and the Pyrenees in the North of Navarre, constituting a wonderful mosaic of varied landscape of transition between the two counties, being able to enjoy Mediterranean forests alternating with beech and oak Atlantic forests, as well as fields of cereal with wildflowers, mushrooms and truffles. And are these, specifically, the treasure that Valdorba trees hide among its roots and that visitors can enjoy, in season, in delicious dishes that are served in the restaurants of the area.

Their villages settled along the times in more plain areas or on hills with a typically Romanesque church. You can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in which the rural world is the main protagonist of our lives. Conservation over time of their modes of cultivation delimited with boundaries of scrubs and woods, has provided a special natural wealth, and several spaces protected by the European Union as a “Place of Community Interest” and Special Conservation Area “Montes de Valdorba.

As cultural motifs of particular interest, in La Valdorba you can enjoy various jewels that history has left behind over the centuries: Medieval orders and walkers traced by the Valley a branch of the route to Santiago. In Valdorba stands the chapel of the Christ of Cataláin, known for its portico and built in the middle of the 12th century. Are also important The “Rock oil mill of Solchaga “, the Church of Eristain, where we will discover the evolution and styles that has suffered this temple from Roman times, and the frescoes that treasures inside are also important. Especially unique is the chapel of Etxano, unique Romanesque church with all its symbols of profane character in its ornamentation.

Orísoain, is the parish church of San Martin, in which stand outs the Romanesque crypt located under the altar. Nearby, in the Centre of the town of Iracheta, you can admire the perfectly preserved Romanesque raised granary, built in stone with ashlars, featuring a stone stairway to access inside. There are also beautiful civil buildings in Barasoain, Olóriz or Pueyo.