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The purpose of this document is to establish and control the regulations on use and safeguarding of data on the COTO VALDORBA website (, understood as all the pages and subsequent content that can be accessed via the domain or sub-domains, property of GRACIDA S.L..

The Website is intended to provide its clients with services such as information, as well as all other services considered to be part of the Corporate Aims at any given time.

Use of the Website, as well as the services made available to users, implies total and unconditional acceptance of all the General Conditions included in this Legal Notification all users therefore being advised to read such General Conditions whenever visiting the Website. The act of visiting the Website implies knowledge and acceptance of the following General Conditions.


The owner of this Website is GRACIDA S.L., registered address in C/ Miranda de Arga nº 16 – 31300 Tafalla (Navarra) – España
Registered with the Mercantile Registry of Navarra
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By accepting the General Conditions contained herein, all users undertake to use the Website and available services accordingly. The Website or available services may not be used for any illegal or other purpose that may contravene the aims established by these General Conditions or be detrimental to the rights and/or interests of others, or in any way damage the Website or impede its correct functioning or that of current or future services.


This Website contains the page

Access to this Website shall be the exclusive responsibility of the user. All risks involved in the use of the Website shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of users. GRACIDA S.L. shall not be liable: (I) for the infallibility, availability, continuity, inexistence of defects or safety of the Website; (II) for the contents of the Website or information contained being free of virus or any other damaging elements such as flaws, omissions or incorrect data; (III) the safety of the use made by a user of the Website;

GRACIDA S.L. shall not be liable for any damages derived from interference, omission, interruption, computer virus, telephone breakdown or disconnection, which may be detrimental to the correct functioning of this electronic system as a result of causes beyond the control of GRACIDA S.L.; delay or blocking of the use of the system due to deficiency or overloading of its Data Processing Centre, telephone lines, Internet system or any other electronic system; nor for any damage caused to others by means of illegitimate intromission beyond the control of GRACIDA S.L.. In addition, GRACIDA S.L. is hereby exonerated from any liability whatsoever for damages or harm caused to users as a result of error, defect or omission of the information provided by GRACIDA S.L. from outside sources.

A mere visit to the Website shall not entail any type of commercial relationship whatsoever between GRACIDA S.L. and the user.


GRACIDA S.L. reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained on the Website, as well as to limit or prohibit access to such.
GRACIDA S.L. reserves the right to carry out all changes or modifications it considers appropriate at any time and without prior notice.


GRACIDA S.L. shall make all efforts to avoid any type of error in the content of its Website. GRACIDA S.L. does not guarantee, nor shall be liable for any consequences arising from a mistake in the contents appearing on the Website provided by others.

GRACIDA S.L. shall not be liable in any way for the information, commercial activity, products or services included on the Website that are provided through electronic links, either directly or indirectly through the Website. The presence of links on the GRACIDA S.L. Website, except when specifically stated otherwise, shall be exclusively intended as informative and in no event imply a suggestion, invitation or recommendation. Links do not represent a relationship of any kind between GRACIDA S.L. and the companies or persons that own the websites that may be accessed via such links GRACIDA S.L. reserves the rightunilaterally withdraw a link from its Website at any time and without prior notice.

GRACIDA S.L. reserves the right to impede or prohibit access to the Website to any user of Internet that inserts information considered to be illegal or immoral, and reserves the right to take the legal action it deems appropriate in order to avoid this type of practice.


GRACIDA S.L. informs its Website users that it complies with current legislation relating to data protection and, specifically the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica) 15/99, dated 13 December on Personal Data Protection, as well as all other related provisions, thereby adopting the technical and organizational means required to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorised access and theft of any personal data provided through the Website, as the case may be, and taking into account the state of technology, nature of the data and risks to which it is exposed.
In the event that a user be required to provide personal data when using the Website services offered by GRACIDA S.L. to its clients, in compliance with current legislation, GRACIDA S.L. shall duly inform such users of their rights and receive specific consent to process personal information.


All text and images contained on the website of Coto Valdorba own copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from their rightful owners.