Sustainable hunting is our goal

Coto Valdorba was established in 1986 and since then we have gained valuable experience not only in the fascinating hunting world, but in the environment protection of our unique landscape, which has been catalogued by the EU as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). We can definitely say that sustainable hunting is our goal. We offer you a wide range of hunting species, both wild and restocked, among which, the red-legged partridge (alectoris rufa) is the absolute queen. We only restock with native red-legged partridge, bred at our own facilities at Miranda de Arga. You will surely find the most suitable option for you among the varied hunting modalities available.

Hunting modalities

Our wild native partridges will ensure the most enjoyable time at this modality while enhancing your dog’s performance and the satisfaction of a challenging catch.

This shooting modality is organized after agreeing amount of pieces and combined with walk-up shooting.

Special pheasants for hunting, well feathered and fast flying that will delight your dog.

You can have available either individually, from 20 pieces, or in groups, wild superb quails, which will challenge your dog’s performance.

You can choose among a day’s forfeit, which establishes 3 pieces a day, select a several days’ forfeit (5, 10 or 15 days, three pieces per day) or a pieces’ forfeit (selecting the amount of pieces, without specifying dates yet).

This is a tailor-made modality, at which the group establishes the amount of pieces and kind of pieces wished.

We have available several stands, equipped with two shotguns that will be assigned following strict request order.

One day card or season’s enrolment.

Hunting Schedule

  • Partridge and pheasant: From September to the end of March.
  • Quail and stock dove: All year round.
  • Woodcock and wood pigeon: According to dates of the “Orden General de Vedas” in Navarre.
Dia de la caza en Coto Valdorba

Season Fees

Season’s card (quota 4 pieces)

Forfait 1 day: 58,00 €
5 days: 280,00 €
10 days: 540,00 €
15 days: 780,00 €

Forfaits Pheasant and Partridge

Pheasant Partridge
To 40 pieces: 15,00 €/u 14,50 €/u
40  to 80 pieces: 14,00 €/u 13,50 €/u
80  to … pieces: 13,00 €/u 12,50 €/u

Driven pheasants and partridges

Pheasant Partridge

From 50 pieces:

Snack included.

15,00 €/u 14,00 €/u

Quail shooting

10 pieces per shotgun 35,00 €
From 100 pieces 3,00 €/u

Wood pigeons in Sansoain

Stand for 2 shotguns 500 €

Woodcock shooting

Season card 600 €

– All taxes are enclosed.



– Groups of 5 hunters: 4 partridges = € 58

– Groups of 10 hunters: 4 partridges = € 54

– Groups of 5 hunters: 8 partridges = € 104

– Groups of 10 hunters: 8 partridges = € 96

– Hunter’s menu = € 27