Shooting facilities

Olympic trap
Two facilities available to practice trap shooting, either in Olympic or Universal trenches. Ammunition service enclosed.

Skeet and Compac Sporting
Additional facilities to practice these shooting modalities.

Mini trench
Provided with automatic device.

Fun, nature, gastronomy, culture,...

Spend a good time in the company of your friends,
practicing your sport in an environment you will not forget.

Respectful towards the environment

Coto Valdorba uses clay pigeon with designation ecological and that meet the European requirements. They are composed exclusively of limestone and mortar and, in addition, the paint that covers them is non-toxic. Also, shooting field has been equipped with 5 new launching machines that contribute to the energetic saving.
Another improvement that has been introduced is the acoustic insulation with rock wool from the canopies of the different firing places, thus reducing the risks of noise pollution. Coto Valdorba, also, delivers to hunters biodegradable bags to collect the cartridges they use.


Membership Card = € 100.

Card for Members = € 5.00.

Card for Non-Members = € 6.50.