Environmental and Quality Management Policy

General Management of Coto Valdorba and Hotel Restaurant Valdorba, grants a priority and maximum interest to the protection and respect to the Environment. The natural environment “Montes de Valdorba”, where our activity takes place, is of a beauty and recognized quality and has been declared a Zone of Special Conservation.

The activity of Coto Valdorba comprises the hunting management and the organization of shooting activities, completing our range of services with a bar-restaurant, a canine residence, paintball and a Hotel.

We consider that our company must have a management system that guarantees that the entire organization is involved in the achievement of an environmentally friendly activity and that this is transmitted to our employees, customers and collaborators. Achieving this goal is the responsibility of all members of the company.

Do a sustainable use of resources and biodiversity of ecosystems.

Use of ecological materials for the clay pigeons utilized in the shooting facilities, as well as an effective management of the waste produced.

Coto Valdorba must be an example of environmental behavior, for which, and considering the legal requirements as minimum requirements, will tend to continuous improvement in safeguarding the natural environment in which we exercise our activities. To achieve this, it will establish annual improvement programs in which the achievement of environmental management goals and objectives will be developed and disseminated accordingly. These objectives will have as their main utility the prevention of environmental contamination.

General Management wants to make it very clear that the main agents involved in the Management System are the workers and that is why the company undertakes to guarantee their participation by establishing the necessary channels, as well as to provide the information and training necessary to ensure their competence on this issue. Of course, continuous consultation with workers is one of the foundations of the systEl sistema implantado será modificado buscando nuevas fuentes de mejora, para lo cual será imprescindible la realización periódica de Auditorías Ambientales con las que se valorará el grado de consecución de los objetivos marcados, de mejora de la empresa y del cumplimiento legal.assessed.

This policy will be updated as agreed and disclosed among the members of Coto Valdorba and will be explained conveniently and made available to anyone, whether or not belonging to the organization, who request it.